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To the guy that deserves the girl, but never gets her …

Here's How To Meet, Attract And Seduce Any Woman Within 7 Hours... Or Your Money Back!

...And the beauty of this secret system is that it works, however good or bad you are with women right now...

  • Bald?
  • Fat?
  • Ugly?
  • Unconfident?
  • Old?
  • Broke?
  • Can't talk to women?
  • Or just plain average?

It does NOT matter anymore.

I KNOW it Sounds like hype... And I Know...

...You've been lied to... You've been deceived... And you find it hard to believe anything you read online anymore...

But we have TOTAL belief in the Black Belt Seduction system, which is why we put our money where our mouths are...

We're going to GUARANTEE you get success with women AND FAST, or you don't pay a single cent for the whole course!

Dear frustrated chump...

I'm NOT going to sugar coat this.

You SUCK WITH WOMEN. You really do.

And I know this seems offensive. But if you're honest... You'll agree. That's why you're here at this page.

You either...

Don't have a clue with women... and you can't even get a date with a fatty...

Or, you're searching for a way to get higher quality, more beautiful women...

Or, maybe you already know a woman you REALLY, really like... But she only sees you as a friend...


Now, don't get angry with me abusing you like this.

I know that when somebody is trying to sell you something, you're used to them sucking up to you... being your best friend....

Because they want your money...

I'm NOT going to "SELL" to you... And I'm not going to suck up to you... Sure, I'll be nice once you ARE a customer... But until you're ready to MAN UP...

You're not READY to be a customer of mine.

See... I only want guys that are READY to change their lives.

Ready to face up to what's wrong... And FIX IT.

Ready to find out WHAT women REALLY want... and say

"SCREW THAT... That's NOT what you really want.. Woman!"

...and let's face it, most women don't REALLY know what they want even if you ask them.

See, if YOU don't get better at talking to women... AND... Making them find you interesting... AND... getting them to fall in love with you and make them want to sleep with you QUICKLY...

Then... I don't get paid. Because my guarantee is a no-questions-asked, full money back one.

So the ONLY way I get paid, is if YOU get better with women fast!

Otherwise, you'll ask for your money back, and we've wasted your time, and my time.

So, let's be honest... Are you REALLY ready... Right now... To dedicate yourself over the next few weeks, months and years to improve your social life and start the journey of transformation that will take you to a whole new level of game?

'cause if you're not... then F***ing LEAVE NOW!

If you ARE ready to make the changes and become a FEMALE MAGNET... SUCKING women into your field of influence faster than a fat girl returns to maccy dees... for... JUST... ONE... MORE... BURGER...

Then read on.

And I'm DEADLY serious.

Do NOT read the rest of this page unless you TRULY want to change your life and have more high quality women in it.

Ok, so now I've got rid of the *pussies* that are never going to handle the truly life changing secrets contained within...

... I'm going to tell you about my system I developed alongside some other master pick up artists.

And I'm going to give you the secret that's been missing all these years... the one thing that'll transform your game forever... Even if you're old, bald, fat, low paid, or just plain ugly.

Welcome to our secret Black Belt Seduction Dojo

Whether you know it or not, you have just stepped through the doorway of our underground seduction training school that has revolutionized the way that men learn to be successful with women.

Do you ever get nervous approaching girls?

Do you have trouble with what to say once you have their attention?

Have you ever THOUGHT you were about to score and then she turns her back and walks away?

You're not alone!

Imagine the power you'll have as a man when you:

Never Fear Rejection Again...

Build Supreme Confidence In All Social Situations...

Know EXACTLY What To SAY & DO To Any Woman To Build Massive Sexual Attraction

It does NOT matter WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE, How old you are, how much you earn, how confident you are, or how good you are at talking to women right now...

You're going to discover...

  • How to get over any personal or physical 'hang ups' you have about yourself to transmit CONFIDENT, POSITIVE, ALPHA-MALE vibes that women are magnetized towards.

  • The importance of styling your hair and clothes in this very unique and specific way so that you attract your target women - secrets within!

  • EXACTLY what to say, WORD FOR WORD to get into any woman's panties - married, single, friend, stripper... whatever.

  • The precise step-by-simple-step blueprint that will enable you to walk up to a girl in the street, gym, library, bar, club or anywhere and introduce yourself that almost guarantees she'll want to get to know you and BEG for you to stick around!

  • The 7 simple words that will HOOK you into any new social interaction - NO MORE rejection

  • How to have interesting, fun and witty conversations with women that not only give you something to talk about that she'll enjoy, but that are laced with secret phrases and stories designed to make her attracted to you more and more - every minute that goes by!

  • The 10 most important body language mistakes you are MAKING RIGHT NOW when you talk to women, that once changed into the 10 CORRECT ones - will make women APPROACH YOU - on auto-pilot.

  • How to approach a girl... What to say... When to say it... Word for word... To meet her, get a date agreed with her ON THE SPOT, and bed her that same day (if you wish) within 7 hours... and we BACK this up with a FULL no-questions asked... MONEY BACK GUARANTEE...

  • And so much more...

What are you waiting for?

Are you looking for a Girlfriend?

Or just one night stands?

Whatever you're looking for, we have the exact system to suit you.

For over 2500 years, martial art systems have
turned weak men into highly trained fighting machines...

Now, we have applied martial arts style training to Attraction & Seduction to transform normal, and average guys into pickup MASTERS....

So, who are WE?

We are 5 experts in the art and skill of seduction and have spent over 3 years creating the most effective attraction and seduction training system in existence today.

The Black Belt Seduction Experts

Black Belt Seduction will take you step-by-step from having absolutely no skill with women, to a level of seduction expertise only a handful of men in the world possess.

We use a special system that has been around for centuries that encompasses everything you need to learn and know into a step-by-step training approach.

In Martial Arts, As A Fighter...

Technique by technique, you expand your knowledge of your chosen combat area (be it Boxing, Karate, Judo, Tae-Kwon-Do, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, MMA, etc.) until you reach the highest level of ability and achievement.

But you simply have to follow the system and practice it.

Using the structured system a martial art provides – one that has been tried and tested by experts in the field for years and years – you become that rare breed of fighter you once were not.

It may take a little time, but nothing that’s truly worth anything in life can be achieved instantly and you will see MASSIVE improvements quicker than you thought possible - overnight!

And you know that every day you study your martial art, you progressively become a better fighter. Right up until you are in the highest, most supreme echelon of your discipline.

What if your goal isn’t to become the best fighter -
your goal is to become a master seducer?

You’d like to be part of the select breed of men who know exactly how to talk to women, regardless of how overwhelmingly stunning they used to seem, and make them – through a seemingly effortless process – fall head over heels in love or lust with you.

Time and time again, wherever you are and whichever girl you take a liking to, you’re able to confidently start a conversation with her and, by the time it’s over, have her literally aching to see you again as soon as you can possibly fit her in to your schedule.

This level of attraction and seduction skill is
Within Your Reach, but you DO need to use the right approach if you want to achieve it.

So how do you do it?

You use a system that trains you as if you were training to become a great fighter. Except instead of learning the art of combat, you will learn the art of attraction and seduction.

Black Belt Seduction is the world’s only pick-up training guide to use a tried and tested martial arts style training system

Instead of learning how to attract and seduce women through a series of disconnected, weak theories, you use the Black Belt Seduction system.

Many so-called "seduction programs" and "attraction guides" overload you with techniques and information and you never really integrate them into who you are.

It's like teaching a white belt in karate a move for black belts. Sure, they know the basic technique, but without the underlying fundamentals, they'll get their ass kicked if they try to apply it.

Same thing goes for seduction. All the techniques in the world won't help you if you don't have the core principles behind it. But when you do...nothing can stop you.

The Black Belt Seduction system takes you stage by stage through every aspect of the pick-up game, teaching you everything you need to know -- And it does this using a 100% unique "belt" system.

As you progress is your training and become better with women, you get your next belt.

The Black Belt Seduction "Belts" or "Training modules"

Belt System

You start at the White Belt level - as a beginner.

And you progress to black belt EXPERT pick up artist.

But unlike a normal martial art where things get harder, with Black Belt Seduction - things get EASIER.

And unlike normal martial arts - your success is GUARANTEED.

It's as simple as this >>> Do the course. Get the results.

Let's Back Up A Second...

How Do We KNOW That You'll Be Successful?

First, You need to understand that "Attraction is NOT a choice"

You can trigger attraction by bypassing her logical mind and firing in-built switches she was born with and has evolved with.

Women do NOT use their logical minds for deciding who they are attracted to... They just find themselves attracted... Remember, attraction is not a choice... And get this...

When you KNOW the right things to say and do, YOU can trigger attraction in her mind for you

So, how do you go about changing your life and learning how to fire these attraction triggers?

We'll get to HOW to fire attraction triggers in a second... but get this...

Imagine you’re in a bar by yourself and you see a group of five women...

...sitting at a table, talking, laughing and generally having a good time...

..You are immediately attracted to at least 3 of the women – they’re striking and sexy. Two are brunettes and the other is a blonde. You listen to your heart and it says:

“You are attracted and you would like to meet them”

But then your head takes over:

You FREEZE! You Have NO IDEA How To Approach

What would you say? You’d be doomed the second you started a conversation. So You Forget it. Approaching them is way too risky, right?

This same dual thought process is experienced by almost every guy out there. Each man knows what he wants, but either doesn’t know how to get it or is too afraid to try.

So what’s the solution?

Well... For you to get beautiful women, consistently and effortlessly, you must massively expand your knowledge of “the game” and psychological pick-up principles.

The same rule applies to every other area of expertise in which the expert massively surpasses the average man in his abilities.

If you want to become a doctor, you must study medicine.

If you want to become a world renowned expert on art, you must study art.

Now let’s say you want to totally change your ability to fight in hand to hand combat. You want to be an elite combat specialist in a society that’s awash with unskilled and undisciplined fighters.

…How do you achieve this goal?

You turn to martial arts.

You use a special system that has been around for decades or even centuries that encompasses everything you need to learn and know into a step-by-step training approach.

And if you want to be able to command the attraction of any woman you desire?

Join Black Belt Seduction now

Here are some of the secret techniques you'll discover inside:

  • How to approach any woman you don't know and start a conversation with her - without being rejected or "blown out".

  • The 7 simple conversation techniques that will automatically build attraction in her mind - for you

  • How to get a woman into your bed within 68 minutes of meeting her for the first time - and have her calling you the next day wanting more

  • How to use the Internet (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Bebo etc) to get at LEAST 5 dates per week - if you want it

  • Why your looks, how tall you are, what money you make and other factors simply DO NOT MATTER AT ALL... IF... You act in this certain way - and NO it's not being "Alpha".

  • How to turn girl "friends" into lovers

  • The 17 simple steps to having interesting conversation - that guarantee you'll never run out of things to say

  • The 5 conversation pieces that if you use them - they will INSTANTLY kill your chances with a woman - and these are things that MOST guys say every time.

  • How to dress to make her want to be your "proud girlfriend".

  • The 10 WRONG things to say, that WILL shock her at first, but then transform her into thinking you're something special - within the hour.

  • How to build humor into your conversation and be so fun that it creates sexual chemistry on demand - she'll forget what you look like, what you do and just want you for how you make her feel

  • Use these 6 secret words next time you're on a first date and she'll go from "I don't usually do this on a first date" to "Want to come in for a coffee?"

  • The vitally important 8 secret techniques that overcome the "boyfriend" objection - she'll forget about him in 17 seconds once you've "performed" this routine.

  • Female body language to look out for in conversation that shows EXACTLY what's she's thinking

  • The BEST time to END a conversation that GUARANTEES she'll be looking forward to spending more time with you

  • The simple "rapport amplifier" routine that will befriend her male and female friends so that her friends will do the hard work for you and hand you the girl - on a plate! They'll even persuade her that YOU are the right guy to be with.

  • The 5 signals every woman gives out that lets you know she's attracted to you - and what to do when she gives them - do this and she'll be yours. The end.

  • How to use female body language to "read her mind" and then what to say to her to make her feel - she's known you for years!

  • The biggest differences between day time and night time pickups and how to maximize your chances in both.

  • Women FEEL first, and THINK second. Use the "how does this feel" routine to get the first kiss - effortless and powerful.

  • Discover the "kino" skyscraper routine that you can use on any woman - to build MASSIVE attraction at the same time as MASSIVE comfort - and you'll see her eyes glaze over as you go from "the guy she's just met" to "I want him" within 36 seconds. It has NEVER failed me.

  • Learn the 3 different approaches for building attraction in the female mind - from slow to fast and when to use each depending on your desired goal (do you want a date? A girl friend? Or just sex? - YOU decide which).

  • Why you should NEVER buy a woman a drink - and why you'll reduce your chances with her by 92% if you do.

  • The best first date ideas and the places you should NEVER take her

  • If you can get her to take this one item of clothing off - she's 3 times more likely to sleep with you today - and here's a clue - it's NOTHING "naughty" like her bra or pants.

  • The 7 signs of negative body language - that IF she shows, you HAVE to do the "belt body reversal" technique on her - or she's gone.

  • Identify self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back using our interactive tool and then eliminate them permanently from your mind using ‘acc & adv’ concepts. No longer will physical or mental insecurities make you sweat or your heart race when you want to approach and talk to a hot girl.

  • The 5 things you MUST do BEFORE approaching women that most men don't even know about - don't do them and 9 out of 10 times beautiful women WILL reject you.
  • The ‘Kamikaze Principle’ will end that " awkward conversation" feeling. No more stumbling over your words
  • Discover the truth behind your physical appearance and why women really care more about how you dress than how good looking you are - if you do this one thing.
  • Discover the ‘Confidence Amplification’ principle to build REAL, unwavering self-belief, courage and confidence within 24 hours.
  • Use the ‘Polar Arrangement’ – a unique concept that allows you to talk to the opposite sex with absolute ease and with complete self-confidence. Even chatting to those 10 out of 10 girls becomes a breeze!
  • How to truly understand body language and non-verbal communication and read a woman’s mind by watching her physical behavior. You’ll be able to know exactly what any girl is thinking, even if her words say different…

  • Use ‘The Probe’ technique to instantly and accurately determine whether or not a girl is attracted to you. Without saying a single word to her, you’ll know if she’s already formed a liking for you.
  • There are four fundamental stages to every successful seduction attempt that a man MUST know if he is to get a girl’s number, arrange a date with her or hook-up with her on their first day of knowing each other. You are taught about each stage in detail…
  • You’ll learn about advanced scoping principles. These allow you to look around a room and “read” women like they were books. You’ll know which are single and which are interested in you…the whole story.
  • Day-time and night-time pick-ups are completely different and all master seducers know the differences between the two. You’ll be taught the advantages of each, so no matter what the time of day is, you’ll be able to successfully seduce any girl you’ve spotted.
  • 99% of people do not understand what an alpha male truly is. You will be told all about them and how you can be one in the RIGHT way. You’ll have the respect of men and the admiration and attention of women.
  • You’ll also be taught about alpha females – how to spot them and how they affect the dynamic of a pick-up attempt. Never get caught out by a loud-mouth girl or obnoxious woman again!
  • The 5 rules of approaching and opening are crucial aspects of every master seducer’s mental toolbox of knowledge. When you know all 5 rules, you have the ability to walk up to a girl or group of girls just like they were male friends of yours that you’ve known for years – with total confidence, self-assurance and rock-solid charisma.

  • What to do if a guy tries to "c*ck block" you - alpha style.
  • Discover the science of proximity principles. These are special spatial concepts that universally apply to all women which means you can use them to heighten the feelings a girl has for you when you talk to her.
  • You’ll be taught about the art of opening. This is a HUGE part of successful seduction, as no conversation with a woman can begin unless you use an opener. Our openers have all been road-tested for years by experts from all over the world.

  • The 4 simple words that will open conversation with ANY girl or group of girls.
  • Discover how to use a technique called ‘Time Limitation’ to make women BEG for you to continue talking to them. You won’t ever again have to worry about conversations with women getting boring or dying after a couple of minutes when you use a ‘Time Limitation’ technique.
  • There’s a science to using wing men AND wing women when you’re out playing the pick-up game. You’ll be told which combinations of wing men/wing women work and which do not.

  • The biggest mistake most "nice guys" make just before she tells you "I really like you as a friend"
  • How to use a girl’s name to subliminally engage her and create a feeling in her subconscious mind that you’ve formed a real connection with each other.
  • You’ll be thoroughly coached on ‘conversation construction’. It’s something experts in social interaction have been using for years and an art YOU can use to make your interactions with women sizzle with sexual chemistry. You’ll always stand out from other men girls talk to because your conversational skills will blow theirs away.

  • Discover the 4 letter word that when used will make you instantly likeable to any group of guys and instantly attractive to any group of girls.
  • Find out the magical ‘floor-sharing ratio’ that, when used in a conversation with a woman, makes her feel like she’s having the time of her life with you. You can rest assured that no girl will ever feel bored by what you are talking about again.
  • Initiating physical closeness and contact with a girl (by casually touching her in some way) is a critical and necessary step that MUST be completed before you can seduce her. Most men don’t know how to do it, but you’ll be taught the secrets of ‘Stealth Tactility’ – a method of easily and comfortably starting mutual physical touching between you and any girl.

  • How to make a girl... FRIEND, into a GIRLFRIEND.
  • Courtesy of our female seduction expert Ms. B, you’ll be educated on ‘Deflection Theory’. Using ‘Deflection Theory’, you can psychologically make a girl you like - but who isn’t initially reacting to your advances - suddenly feel madly attracted to you. You do this by deflecting your techniques in a special way onto one or more of her friends. It’s seriously powerful stuff…
  • Use the ‘Read & Relate’ technique to quickly and effortlessly find topics of conversation that will make the girl you’re talking to feel connected to you and like she really enjoys your company.
  • How to master the art of listening. Once you know how to truly listen to what a girl is saying to you, you’re able to repackage specific and special pieces of information she’s given you into excellent questions and comments – this - as a result – makes the girl feel “on your wavelength” and like you’ve both really clicked.

  • Discover the 3-step-BBS-system to FIX things with a girl you already screwed up with
  • How to combine the seduction techniques you learn into easily repeatable step-by-step pick-up attempts. You won’t have to worry about what to do or say next, as your pre-planned pick-up approach provides you with all the instruction and information you need.
  • How to use ‘Subject Sniping’ to select and focus in on topics of conversation that are close to your target female’s heart. Once you begin talking about them, women immediately open up to you and share their thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is exactly what you need if you want to arrange a date with them or get their phone number.
  • Discover ‘Red Letter Topics’. These are special conversation topics that – when talked about with a girl - consistently and repeatedly create strong, enjoyable interactions that make her feel like she’s having lots of fun with you.
  • How to use ‘Dynamic Exhibitions’ to capture and keep the attention of a girl or group of girls and have them amazed at your confidence, social skill and level of leadership.
  • Learn exactly how to demonstrate personal value and self-worth. When you clearly display both of these qualities, you come across as sexually attractive and socially adept – in short, women love you.
  • How to use Target Isolation to separate your target female from a group of her friends, enabling you to continue and complete your pick-up attempt by kissing her, getting her number and/or arranging a date.
  • For when a conversation with a girl feels like it might be slowing down or getting difficult, you’ll learn how to use ‘Cliff-hanger Comments’. These are special statements that instantly snap a girl’s focus and attention back to you and have her gagging for you to continue talking to her. They’re amazingly powerful.
  • How to use advanced non-verbal mirroring techniques to make a girl feel, without her consciously knowing why, a deep sense of comfort while around you – just like you’ve know each other for years.
  • You’ll be trained on how to use third parties (like barmen and other people who are around at the time) to make your pick-up attempts extra effective and even more successful.
  • Discover how to use the sense of internal consistency all women have in their subliminal minds to make her feel an undeniable urge to be around you and, once your first conversation is over, to see you again as soon as possible.

  • Uncover the very BEST first date locations -- and why one of the most popular places to go on a first date is the WORST first date EVER! She HATES it... but I guarantee, you'll have thought about taking her there.
  • Learn how to anchor special positive feelings to everyday words and casual physical touches. You’ll be able to make a girl feel happy, horny or playful simply by tapping her on her knee or muttering a short, innocent word or two.
  • The art of closing. You’ll be trained in all of the most important aspects of closing (getting a positive result from an interaction with a girl). You’ll learn the dos and don'ts most men don’t even know exist.
  • Learn how to use ‘The Add-on Principle’ to make arranging a date with a girl seem like the most obvious and justified ending to your conversation with her.
  • How to use ‘The Power of Yes’ to instill a feeling of positivity and compliance into a girl’s subconscious mind, so when you ask for her number or suggest going for a drink tomorrow night, she always says “Yes!”.
  • How to use ‘Option Limitation’ to massively decrease the chance of a girl saying no to anything you suggest, be it going for a date or going back to her place.
  • You’ll be taught about one-way number closes, so once you’re done talking to a girl, you can either get her number or make her feel an irresistible urge to ask you for yours.
  • You’ll learn about swap-number closes – special ways to end interactions with girls in which you give each other your contact details. This mutual swap makes the girl more eager than ever to see and speak to you again.
  • Email address closes – you’ll discover when and why it’s sometimes best to get an email address as opposed to a number and also learn a unique email address closer that has a 90% success rate when used properly.
  • How to use number checking to quickly and accurately know if a girl’s trying to pull a fast one on you and give you a fake number. You’ll never again have to suffer the disappointment of getting home and dialing an invalid number.
  • Learn how to use ‘contact closes’ to end your conversation with a girl in the best possible way, ensuring she remembers you and has you and only you at the forefront of her conscious mind until the time you next meet up.
  • And much more...

Join Black Belt Seduction now

The 3 BIG Promises of Black Belt Seduction!

With absolute 100% confidence you will be able to fearlessly approach ANY woman, however beautiful and start a conversation with her that will make her truly believe you are an interesting, fun guy that she'd love to get to know better.

You will know the right things to say and do, and what NOT to say and do, to build genuine love/lust and make the female feel deeply attracted to you subconsciously. KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY AND WHAT NOT TO SAY TO GENERATE REAL ATTRACTION.

3. GET SUCCESS WITH WOMEN. THEY WILL WANT YOU. You'll achieve much greater success with more girls than ever before - women that do not find you attractive right now, women out of your league - WILL find you attractive and will want to be with you.



*If you don't agree that after trying our system, you will be able to get ANY woman within 7 hours of meeting her... We WANT you to have your MONEY back!

There's NO catch. Learn our system. Use our system. And if you can't go from meeting a woman to dating or mating her WITHIN 7 HOURS... Email us and we'll give you a FULL refund.

You have 60 risk-free days to trial the system - you can request a refund at ANY time during those 60 days and it will be granted, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Full money-back guarantee assured by third party

Enough talk... I'm sold, let me in RIGHT NOW!


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