Here’s how to how to pick up older women in a few simple steps

Today I’m going to talk about older women – specifically, how you can go about seducing them.

First things first, we need to identify why picking-up older women is different from meeting and seducing women who are about the same age as you. There are 3 main reasons:

1. When an older woman is approached by a younger man, she’ll often feel insecure about the fact that there’s such an age gap between her and him and will therefore choose to ignore his advances – even if deep down she wouldn’t mind getting to know him.

2. Older women quite frequently assume that there must be some sinister ulterior motive for a young guy to approach them. Again, this is born out of a slight sense of insecurity. So, to try and avoid being taken advantage of or otherwise being hard done by, they shun the younger guy’s attempts at getting to know them.

3. Many older women have a preconception that young guys just can’t understand and successfully interact with them because they haven’t been around as long as they have. They think that their young age is a sign of immaturity and therefore keep away from them.

If you have a desire to meet and become close to an older woman, or have had your eye on a woman for a while that’s a few years older than you, then you need to sidestep these obstacles. Here’s how. First, you need to remember that all women, no matter what age they are, love to be engaged in interesting, thought and emotion-provoking conversation. So always focus on using your conversational skills to first create a basic level of rapport between the two of you, then a deeper feeling of sexual chemistry. Hopefully you already know how to identify topics of conversation women are particularly passionate about and incorporate them into your chats. Doing so allows the woman, even if she’s older than you, to feel as if there’s an intellectual and emotional bond between the two of you – from this grows an attraction for you, too.

Next, you should remember to use something called deflection theory. This means focusing your attention on your target older woman’s friends, so that a sense of jealousy grows in her mind and from that a feeling that she wants your attention. Just as young women are affected by seeing you flirt with their friends, so are older women. It’s a naturally in-built social mechanism. So take advantage of it.

Here’s something else to bear in mind. Older single women want different things to younger women, but not completely different things. So, you should aim to combine the following: First, pay them the attention you’d pay a young woman and don’t be afraid to be flirtatious and playful. All women, regardless of age, like to be made to feel good. Second, alter certain aspects of your game to match the older woman mindset. For example: When closing, suggest a specific event you can both go to that you feel matches what they’re interested in and their age. So, instead of saying you should go for a drink next Friday, say you’d like her to come to the bookstore with you to browse around. You don’t say this because older women like books and young girls don’t – but because the day-time experience of accompanying you around a non-sexual location provides the right kind of bonding for her more mature mindset. She finds it appealing and alluring.

And that’s a rough overview of how you should adapt your social style to successfully attract women who are older than you.

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