Decoding Her Attraction Signals – 7 Sure Signs She’s Attracted To You

If you could read women’s minds, it would be all too easy to find out what moves work and how to get the best response from her. While we don’t have access to women’s minds, we do have access to their body language, which is the next best thing. Decoding the attraction signals her body unconsciously sends will help us figure out whether she is attracted to us, too.

There are a lot of signals to watch out for. So be sure to keep your eyes open for these signs:

  • Eye contact. Do you catch her stealing glances in your direction? And when you look at her, does she always quickly look away, flushed and embarrassed? This tells you that she definitely finds you interesting. She wants to observe what you are like when you are not looking, but is embarrassed to have you find out just how obsessed she is with you. How often her gaze falls on you is also an indication of how much she likes you. The more often she turns to find where you are, the more attracted she is to you.
  • She’s always there in the places you go to. She’s not stalking you. She’s just trying to get herself noticed. If she’s suddenly every where in the places and parties you go to, and you know that it’s not her usual thing to be in some of those places, then you can bet that she’s sending you some pretty strong attraction signals.
  • She agrees with everything you say. When a girl likes a guy, she tends to agree with everything he says. This shows in her body language as well. She would always be facing the guy, listening to what he has to say. She’d be nodding often, sometimes repeating or rephrasing what he has just said. If you were to ask her out, she would always say yes, going as far as re-arranging her schedule to accommodate it.
  • She stands in your circle of personal space. You know she likes you when she positions herself close to you. When walking, even without touching, she’d be inside your circle of personal space. This gesture tells you that she wants to be closer to you, and she’s ready for your relationship to be more than friendly.
  • She plays with her hair and exposes her neck. When you talk to her, does she flip her hair back behind her ear? It means she wants to listen to what you have to say. Does she move her hair back to expose her neck? Drawing attention to her long, slender neck is a sure sign of attraction. This tells you that she wants you to think she’s sexy.
  • She enjoys being alone with you. Do you always find yourself spending some alone time with her? It may not be as spontaneous as it seems to be. When a girl likes you, she’ll find a way to get you alone. Maybe she’ll volunteer the two of you to buy snacks for everybody or lure you to the dance floor. However it happens, if you find yourself with her and just her, you can trust that she finds you attractive, too.
  • She initiates physical contact. She may not come out and grab your hand, but she’ll be increasing the frequency of friendly skin to skin contact between the two of you. Maybe she’ll be standing close to you so your bodies touch. Or maybe she will sling her arm around yours when you guys are walking together. You will be able to tell if it’s a casual touch of if it means something else by observing how she is with other people. If she’s the type who creates a careful no-contact space between her and her other male friends, then you can be sure her casual touch means a lot more.

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