How to Make a Woman Become Obsessed With You

All people get bored when they don’t have the right stimulus there to keep them alert and interested. Women are no exception. A woman’s interest in a man can soar in the first 80 seconds of meeting him, only to plummet head-first into the ground a mere 60 seconds later. Why does this happen?

Lots of men will have experienced this at some time or another, especially if they have gone out into social gatherings (like bars and clubs) and made a conscious effort to meet and interact with new women. They’ll begin an interaction and the responses of at least one of the women will be extremely positive and promising. The woman will be standing in close proximity to the guy, right in his face. She’ll be looking up at him, totally focussed on what he’s saying. A smile will be on her face most of the time and she’ll be quick to jump in with her own comments, jokes and flirtatious banter. But then the flame will die likes it’s been blasted by ice-cold water and there will be no apparent reason for it. What we’ll do now is look at the reasons this happens and, by learning the reasons, you’ll find out what you need to do to not only keep a woman interested in you, but actually make her become obsessed with being around you.

The first thing you need to know is what value is. If you don’t know already, here’s a very brief definition:

Social value equals social attractiveness. The more value you have as a man, the more attractive you will be to women. Social value is not a quality of a man’s personality or physical appearance, it is a result of one or more qualities. For example, being very physically attractive contributes to his social value, because in our society, looking a certain way gets you noticed and respected by other people. Another example: having a large social circle of friends boosts a man’s social value, because it shows women he has enough positive personality traits to be liked by lots of people.

Dozens of different things contribute to your own personal social value, but that is not what this article is primarily about. This article is about why a woman’s interest in a man can start out really high, but then seemingly drop in a matter of seconds. And it’s about how you can avoid this problem and instead make a woman become obsessed with you.

The first thing you need to do to keep a woman’s interest is to exhibit independent value. This means that you need to show her that you are attractive all the time, not just while speaking to her. If she has reason to believe that you are ACTING attractive because you want to attract her, she will only be interested in you for a brief period. This is because very few women are interested in men who put on an act just to get what they want—they’d much rather have a guy who possesses value independently of them. To exhibit independent value, make sure you do the following:

- Be as talkative and sociable with ALL members of the group as you are with the woman you are hoping to attract. Do not turn your ‘smoothness’ or attractiveness on and off depending on who you’re talking to.

- Don’t be reactive. Women will test you to ascertain whether or not your value is independent (good) or dependant (not so good). They will do things like suddenly depart from their one-on-one conversation with you to talk to one of their girlfriends. In this kind of situation, you need to make sure you don’t appear as reactive. You cannot afford to show the woman that you are put-out or annoyed that she has done whatever it is she’s done to test you. You need to stay calm and go about your normal business: exhibiting independent social value. For example, you’ll turn and talk to one of your friends. When the woman sees that you aren’t reactive or overly interested in maintaining your interaction with her, you’ll have effectively passed her little test. She will, as a result, be much, much more interested in interacting with you from this point onwards. You will be given lots of these little tests by the woman, most of which she won’t know she’s given you. To cope with all of them, pass them and thereby make the woman slowly become obsessed with you, you just need to maintain your value and continue to show that it exists whether you’re getting positive signals of interest from the woman or not.

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