Four Pieces of Important Pick Up Advice

Becoming a pick up artist (a.k.a. a man who is attractive to most women because of things he consciously says and does) is an on-going process. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s just like becoming good at anything else, be it playing a musical instrument or sport—you need to dedicate time to learning and putting what you learn into practice. There are dozens or even hundreds of different things you need to know and use to be a highly successful pick up artist and these are the things you practice throughout the learning process. However, there are four short, simple pieces of pick up advice which you can quickly learn and use throughout that process which will massively help you speed through it and have a lot of success with women. Here they are:


You’ll hear about lots of fancy conversational techniques you can use to supposedly attract the women you talk to, some of which will help you and some of which will distract you. Whatever the case, you should always make sure that you stick to the core principles of attraction and seduction. All fancy routines and lines aside, working with the core principles will always see you through. So remember:

- Women are most attracted to the kind of man who combines two main qualities: he is a confident, self-assured, experienced, recognized leader (alpha male), and he is a caring, protective, reliable, emotionally intelligent partner. Women want the perfect mix of these two qualities. First, you need to show them that you have the first quality, then you show them more of the second quality. If you show too much of the first quality and not enough of the second, then you may have some success with some women, but it will be limited. Too much of the second and not enough of the first and you will frequently fall into a woman’s friend zone.

- Never show that you are outcome dependant when talking to women. They must see you as having lots of social value regardless of whether you are talking to them or not.

- You must be tactile early on. Becoming physically intimate with a woman is much harder when you’ve not put in the groundwork earlier on in your relationship.

- Social proof is powerful. Show women that you have a good circle of friends, tell stories that contain signs that you have social value and behave in a way that shows that you are socially intelligent and experienced—and do it all in such a way that you do not seem to be overcompensating or showing off.


Don’t be one of those on/off pick up artists. You aren’t playing a part when you talk to women with the goal of attracting them. You should be playing the role of yourself, the way you really are—or can be, given the right motivation. So, always be ON. When you are paying for something, be attractive to the checkout girl. Charm her like you’d charm a girl in a nightclub on a Saturday night. Also, don’t just ‘game’ girls. Be friendly to men as well. Be as interested in what they tell you as you are in what their hot female friends are saying. That shows you are socially intelligent and therefore of high social value. You know how to treat people—women find this attractive.

Remember: the more time you spend in the ‘I am attractive mindset’, doing and saying the things you know you need to to appear casually attractive, the more naturally you’ll inhabit that frame of mind. It will stop being an effort to appear that way. So practice EVERYWHERE.


Too many men make sleeping with a woman or getting her phone number their only goal when they go out to a nightclub or a party. These goals, however, are usually too big to be easily attainable. You need to start smaller. Sleeping with a woman might be your end goal, but starting a conversation with her should be your first goal. Set small, achievable goals and achieve them before thinking about what your next goal will be. So, instead of approaching a group of women with the goal of getting a kiss from one of them, go in with the goal of making them all genuinely laugh. Once they’ve laughed and are on your side, set your next goal as isolating one of them from the group. Continue to break down what you need to do to work towards your end goal.

This approach is so much better than the ‘achieve everything’ approach most men take, because if you don’t manage to achieve your small goal (like making the girls laugh) it’s no biggie. You just make a new goal (like having a short, fun conversation with them), then you do what you need to do to achieve it.


This is probably the most obvious piece of advice of the four, but it’s also the best and most useful. If you want to be successful with the opposite sex, you need to get out into the real world, into places containing lots of women and you need to get practicing. It’s the only way to have any success, because the women aren’t going to come to you. This goal makes or breaks men who want to become pick up artists. Some have the balls to get out there and stay out there until they have some success and some don’t. If you’re one of the guys with balls, then you’re set. Pick a nightclub and make it your home away from home. Live there at least one night a week and go to work being sociable.

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