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How to be a Successful Pick Up Artist in Nightclubs

A guy can be the most charming and charismatic man while talking to a checkout girl in the daytime, but turn into the nerdiest, most nervous boy in a 2 mile radius when he enters a dark, loud nightclub. That … Continue reading

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How to Make a Woman Become Obsessed With You

All people get bored when they don’t have the right stimulus there to keep them alert and interested. Women are no exception. A woman’s interest in a man can soar in the first 80 seconds of meeting him, only to … Continue reading

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How to Develop the Right Body Language to Attract Women

There’s really no point describing how much we communicate with our bodies, completely separate from the things we say with our words. We all know about the messages with can and can’t send out depending on what we do with … Continue reading

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Did you know that the way you treat your buddies directly affects how hot you appear to the women around you?

I’d like you to imagine you’re waiting in line at the bank. An attractive woman stands talking to one of the tellers—you can clearly hear what she’s saying. As she speaks, you realize that—although she’s physically attractive—her personality leaves a … Continue reading

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How To Read Female Body Language Signals

We can’t hide our body language. However hard we try, what we think is telegraphed to others through our body language. This is especially true with women. Say something that offends them and they’ll cross their arms, even if they … Continue reading

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Did you know kissing girls after talking to them for as little as 30 minutes could be this easy?

You’ve had a great conversation with a girl so far. You’ve laughed and joked, flirted and generally had fun. So, does that mean you should go in for the kiss? Is she ready for that? Will she freak out or … Continue reading

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